Podcasts Run with Fitpage Ep 65: Importance of Protein Intake for Runners with Dan Moore, PhD
Ep 65: Importance of Protein Intake for Runners with Dan Moore, PhD

Ep 65: Importance of Protein Intake for Runners with Dan Moore, PhD

Daniel Moore is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and a member of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the American Society for Nutrition. In this episode of Run with Fitpage, Dr. Moore speaks all about protein intake for runners with our host, Vikas Singh.
Episode Summary:
00:27 – About this episode
02:50 – Welcome Dr. Moore to the show!
06:06 – How is protein important in endurance sports training?
11:08 – About amino acids
13:54 – How does a runner actually benefit from protein while training?
20:26 – Is there a time limit after a workout for protein intake?
26:37 – The body’s upper limit to optimally digest protein
29:15 – How protein intake may be different due to sex difference
32:39 – The right protein for you – whey protein, whole foods, or plant protein?
38:07 – The role of leucine
Guest Profile:
Dr. Dan Moore’s research explores the interplay between exercise and nutrition and how the two can be used to optimize the quantity and quality of muscle across a range of different populations including children, athletes, and older adults. He has authored over 75 peer-reviewed papers and was the recipient of a Canada Foundation for Innovation to build a high-performance muscle metabolism research lab at UofT. His excellence in research was recognized by the American Society for Nutrition as the 2012 recipient of the Peter J. Reeds Young Investigator Award.
About Vikas Singh:
Vikas Singh, an MBA from Chicago Booth, worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, APGlobale and Reliance before coming up with the idea of democratizing fitness knowledge and helping beginners get on a fitness journey. Vikas is an avid long-distance runner, building fitpage to help people learn, train, and move better.
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