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  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh

    Vikas, an MBA from Chicago Booth, worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, APGlobale and Reliance before coming up with an idea of democratising fitness knowledge and helping beginners get on a fitness journey. An avid long distance runner himself, Vikas is building fitpage to help people learn, train and move better.


  • Nikhil Fernandes
    Nikhil Fernandes

    Nikhil has an Engineering Degree in Computer Technology from Mumbai University has led the technology efforts at Thoughtworks, Activesphere, m.Paani, Eugenie.ai. At fitpage, he is driven to build a robust, scalable platform that provides value to both end-users and the businesses.


  • Ajit Singh

    Ajit has been a runner and cyclist for more than a decade. He made this hobby of his a full time profession shortly after he joined Enerzal in Sports Marketing. Later, he was a key member in making the multicity SBI Green marathon a popular running event in 15 cities across India. He was the first hire at fitpage in 2020 and has played multiple roles. He looks after coach relationships, builds community and works with race organisers. He leads the sales efforts of our running vertical, India Running and is pivotal in making this platform the largest registration platform for running events in the country.


  • Manasi Jadhav
    Manasi Jadhav

    Manasi, an avid yoga enthusiast, worked at BNY Mellon before joining fitpage. She leads the recruitment efforts when free from her yoga classes. She also oversees policy and governance at the firm. Manasi studied business and taxation and speaks (or claims to speak) German.


  • Yatish Tiwari
    Yatish Tiwari

    Yatish is the fitness lead at fitpage. A certified ACSM Personal Trainer with over thirteen years of experience, he has worked with over 500 clients. Yatish is passionate about strength training and conditioning for athletic and lifestyle goals.


  • Aaheli Marik
    Sports Nutritionist

    Aaheli is a dedicated sports nutritionist specializing in crafting tailored nutrition plans. She holds an MSc in Sports Nutrition and has an unwavering passion for all things food-related.

  • Walsh Trinidade

    Walsh, an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune has worked at Byjus, creating content for FIFA and ICC. He is a firm believer of the fact that learning never stops, and if he isn't churning out ideas, you will find him speaking about football, his dogs or cracking a joke at your expense.