read Tools to set and obtain fitness and life goals in 2023

Tools to set and obtain fitness and life goals in 2023

Tools to set and obtain fitness and life goals in 2023

I know your secret and I share your pain. It is not your fault. You want to do it bas ho hi nahi pata hai.  I also had planned last year that this year will be better than before and if nothing else, I would save some money, party less, not watch reels as much, do meditation, get promotion, lose weight, get 8 packs and then post a ‘before and after ka transformation picture’ with ‘noir’ filter.  In fact, I had even taken ‘before’ wala pictures.  BUT….!! Ho hi nahi pata hai, yaar.

See I told you, I share your pain! But again, feeling sorry for being sorry is not the solution.  The solution lies in our efforts, in our beliefs and in our promises to make it count.  So, here I am with you, promising you to help you get there.  Get where you want to be in 2023 and for that, you may want to start now! So that next year around the same time, you will be ready with your ‘after’ picture and without that noir filter.  Let us do it and do it together.  Let us learn how to do it, learn how to dream about your dreams and then go out and do it!

In this podcast, I have tried to put together a number of specific and actionable points that will help you plan well and execute better. I have drawn analogies from my own experiences, learnings and from my interactions with the ones whom I look upto. I want you to have a pen and a paper when you sit down to listen to it. Note down the points for your own good, and wear your shoes and get out.  Make that wish to be closer to the family, patch up with the one that’s been long lost and be with the one who matters to you.  Save some more, learn some more and live some more, this year.

I would love to hear from you on what you learnt from the conversation and how you are planning to make 2023 the best year yet.  You know where to find me: reach me on Instagram  or via LinkedIn

We would like to thank 50,000 of our listeners from across the world for being part of this journey. Your love and support kept us going and we are driven to make this further more interesting in the new year. Well in advance, the entire team at fitpage wishes you a Happy New Year!

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