Podcasts Run with Fitpage Ep 121: Mihira Khopkar on the List of Blood Tests and Nutrition Periodization for Runners
Ep 121: Mihira Khopkar on the List of Blood Tests and Nutrition Periodization for Runners

Ep 121: Mihira Khopkar on the List of Blood Tests and Nutrition Periodization for Runners

In this episode for Run with Fitpage, we speak to Mihira Khopkar, the Lead Sports Nutritionist at Reliance Youth Sports Foundation and is a Sports Nutritionist in the Sports Medicine Department of Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital. Mihira and Vikas talk about the importance of different tests and nutrition strategies for runners.

Ms. Mihira Khopkar is a highly accomplished nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and therapeutic diets. With a BHSC degree from SVT College of Home Science and an MSc. in Sports Nutrition from the College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, she possesses a strong educational foundation in the field. Furthermore, Ms. Khopkar holds a Level 1 Anthropometrist certification from the International Society for Advancement of Kinanthropometry, which reflects her commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in her field. Her expertise lies in crafting personalized diet plans tailored to an individual’s body composition and nutritional needs, with the goal of optimizing performance, preventing injuries, expediting recovery, and enhancing long-term immunity. She has garnered extensive experience as a sports and therapeutic nutritionist, having worked with prestigious sports centers and clubs catering to both under-fifteen and over-fifteen age groups. Additionally, Ms. Khopkar’s passion for writing has led her to contribute valuable insights on fitness, sports, and clinical nutrition to renowned organizations such as B positive, Health, Ian Somerhalder Foundation, and Health beyond Fitness. Her comprehensive knowledge and dedication make her an invaluable asset in the realm of nutrition and well-being.

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Vikas Singh, an MBA from Chicago Booth, worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, APGlobale, and Reliance before coming up with the idea of democratizing fitness knowledge and helping beginners get on a fitness journey. Vikas is an avid long-distance runner, building fitpage to help people learn, train, and move better.
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