Podcasts Run with Fitpage Ep 133: Diabetes and Endurance Sports with Brig Muthukrishnan
Ep 133: Diabetes and Endurance Sports with Brig Muthukrishnan

Ep 133: Diabetes and Endurance Sports with Brig Muthukrishnan

In this episode of Run with Fitpage, we have the pleasure of hosting Brigadier J Muthukrishnan,  who is a renowned medical professional and the current Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune, to discuss all about Diabetes and Endurance Sports with our host, Vikas Singh.

Brigadier Muthukrishnan, a distinguished medical professional, stands as a beacon of expertise in the fields of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. With a prolific career spanning decades, Brigadier Muthukrishnan has garnered a wealth of knowledge in managing complex medical conditions, particularly diabetes and thyroid disorders. Holding the prestigious position of Head of Department at AFMC Pune, his leadership has steered advancements in medical education and patient care.

Simultaneously, beyond the realm of medicine, Brigadier Muthukrishnan has also etched an inspiring journey in the world of fitness. His running endeavors, coupled with his medical expertise, have magnificently exemplified the amalgamation of science and wellness. Through his unique blend of medical acumen, wellness advocacy, and an impressive running journey, he stands as an inspiration for those seeking to merge medical wisdom with vibrant health, thereby carving a remarkable path in both the realms of medicine and fitness. Followed by thousands, his contributions have not only enriched the academic domain but also have a profound impact on fitness and wellness. Brigadier Muthukrishnan’s teachings underscore the significance of exercise in disease prevention and management, making him a revered authority bridging medical knowledge and active living.

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