Podcasts Run with Fitpage Ep 154: Journey From 2:40 Half Marathon to a 3:14 Marathon with Kishore Shelake
Ep 154: Journey From 2:40 Half Marathon to a 3:14 Marathon with Kishore Shelake

Ep 154: Journey From 2:40 Half Marathon to a 3:14 Marathon with Kishore Shelake

In this episode of Run with Fitpage, we have the pleasure of interviewing one of our trainees – Kishor Shelake, who is currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Kishor and Vikas discuss Kishor’s journey to completing the Dublin Marathon with some great timing, in the final episode of the year 2023!

Kishor Shelake, a resilient runner hailing from Satara, has transformed his running journey under the guidance of Fitpage. Despite completing only 80% of the training, he conquered the Dublin Marathon comfortably within the targeted time. Kishor’s running adventure began in 2016 with the Satara Hill Half Marathon (SHHM), where initial struggles fueled his determination. After facing challenges and learning from failures, he completed the Berlin Marathon in an impressive 3:25, significantly improving from his previous time of 3:56. Motivated by the desire to surprise his wife and fueled by frustration from not giving his best, Kishor joined Fitpage’s Satara run group. His dedication and commitment are reflected in his remarkable progress, culminating in a stellar performance at the 2023 SHHM, completing it in an impressive 1:36.

Looking ahead, Kishor sets ambitious goals, aiming for a Sub 3:00 finish in the London Marathon and targeting a Sub 1:30 time in the SHHM. Balancing life and running, Kishor emphasizes the importance of patience, quality training, and maintaining a well-rounded life. He encourages fellow runners and beginners to trust Fitpage’s training plans and advises putting oneself in uncomfortable positions to conquer any obstacles on the path to success. Kishor’s journey exemplifies that success demands time and effort but is ultimately a rewarding endeavor.

About Vikas Singh:
Vikas Singh, an MBA from Chicago Booth, worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, APGlobale, and Reliance before coming up with the idea of democratizing fitness knowledge and helping beginners get on a fitness journey. Vikas is an avid long-distance runner, building fitpage to help people learn, train, and move better.
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