read How to Stay Motivated in Your Yoga Practice?

How to Stay Motivated in Your Yoga Practice?

How to Stay Motivated in Your Yoga Practice?

The practice of yoga brings about an overall change in our lives, but only if performed consistently. You should not expect instant benefits. You’d need to make space for yoga in your life, give it time, and track your progress. The first couple of days of yoga would probably seem like a breeze. You’d feel light and healthy and inspired. But, a few weeks into it, like in any other fitness form, chances are that you’ll begin to feel lazy and unmotivated. To integrate yoga into your life, however, you’d need to rise above these impediments. 

Here are a few pointers, which might help you battle the lows and stay motivated on your yoga journey.

How to stay motivated in yoga practice

Approach with curiosity

If you are curious about something, you will never have to push yourself to show up for it. You would not need force or discipline in order to practice it. Similarly, your yoga practice should not feel like a drag. Think of it as a way of connecting with your own body. 

Get inspired

Having a strong and diverse community of fellow yogis or instructors, who can guide you, ensures that you stay on track. Social media is an excellent tool to connect with yogis from across the world. They have different approaches, helpful advice, immense knowledge, and can ignite inspiration. 

Keep it simple

Getting started with something can always seem intimidating, even more so with yoga. All those perfect postures, strange positions, and twisted bodies might be something of a put-off. But yoga as a science is more profound. It asks you to look within and beyond your physical body. This is why you have to keep your practice simple and organic. Starting practice with foundational poses may be a good idea. 

Make it creative

Simple does not mean you can’t have fun. Yoga is creative, acting as your artistic outlet, and a form of expression. You can experiment with different forms, use props, or bring along a partner to your regular practice. 

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Invest in the practice

Knowing that you’ve invested in a yoga studio or an online subscription might be the push you need to keep at it. Investing is not just monetary, but a commitment that you make towards your own growth. Think of it as an investment of your time and efforts and watch it blossom as you stay true to it.

Take time to think

Yoga teaches you to pay attention to your internal makeup. So think about why you are doing it and how you feel when you practice regularly. How do you feel when you skip a class? What was it that brought you to yoga in the first place? Reconnecting with the purpose and the possible benefits will help you stay connected with your practice.

Set a goal

This is an important step, which you mustn’t skip if you want to commit yourself to yoga practice. Nothing can get your spirits up like progress. To imagine how far you can go with consistent efforts can really make all the difference. Set an achievable short-term goal, and work your way to it. 

You’d find that — like in all other spheres of life — disappointment, discouragement and frustration would be a part of your yoga journey. We want results and we want it quick and are quickly dejected if our expectations are not met. This is where your mental and emotional training from yoga would come into play. Center yourself and find the strength to rise above these obstacles. Learn to accept your body and enjoy your practice.

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