read Why Do You Need a Yoga Instructor?

Why Do You Need a Yoga Instructor?

Why Do You Need a Yoga Instructor?

It’s difficult to master the rich and vast science of yoga without a guru (teacher). Traditionally, yogic knowledge was transferred from a teacher to a disciple. The disciple learned from the teacher, and both evolved through the practice. Even today, many yoga ashrams function in a similar way. 

Importance of hiring a yoga teacher

So, why do you require a  mentor/instructor in your yogic journey? An expert yoga instructor:

1. Provides valuable insight 
A teacher’s observation during your practice can elevate your experience. They can guide you through your errors, make keen observations, and discover the underlying causes of hindrances in yoga. You move from superficial yoga practice to a more meaningful one with their help.

2. Gives proper direction 
An instructor or teacher helps you stay on track and accurately directs your progress.

3. Guides you efficiently
Guidance and counsel are imperative to your practice. The right instructor will ensure that you advance comfortably. They will know what buttons can be pushed and where it requires patience.

4. Can share their experience 
Your instructor has seen it all. Probably, they had made the same mistakes themselves when they started out. So, they can help you proceed flawlessly. Your teacher’s experienced eye can see beyond your shortcomings and help you break through your limitations.

5. Transfers knowledge 
Understandably, your instructor has more yogic expertise and their deeper understanding will aid you in overcoming hurdles and avoiding roadblocks in your journey. An instructor can help you unlock your maximum potential in an unbiased opinion.

6. Ensures consistency 
A lack of motivation or inspiration may lead you to give up on your practice. An instructor may document and monitor your progress in a timely manner, making you accountable. This will ensure regular and sustainable practice.

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A teacher’s role is to guide the student without making them dependent. They can decide when the student is ready to continue independently on the path of yoga.