read Do You Need a Personal Trainer to Get Started?

Do You Need a Personal Trainer to Get Started?

Do You Need a Personal Trainer to Get Started?

If you are just beginning a physical activity or exercise program to pursue health or wellness goals, you may be wondering whether you need to hire a personal trainer to guide you on this journey. There are two schools of thought about this, and both focus on what are called barriers of entry. 

If the cost of a personal trainer or the commitment to be at the gym on a set schedule to complete your exercise sessions is a concern, then you are better off exercising independently. Conversely, if you are unsure how to begin or feel that you need to have those appointments on your calendar to exercise consistently, then hiring a personal trainer might be the best option.

So, you need to do a little self-evaluation to uncover what will put you in the best position to succeed now and in the long run. Here, we have covered a few points to keep in mind if you are planning to workout without a trainer, followed by the advantages of employing one. 

Things to remember when exercising without a personal trainer

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions like obesity or cardiovascular disease, or if you are recuperating from a recent injury, it is advisable to be more cautious while exercising without any professional assistance. 

However, if you are healthy, have done physical activities and exercises in the past, and are confident to set goals, research exercise programs, create a plan, and accomplish your targets, then go ahead and get moving. Ensure to start slowly and increase your exercise intensity carefully to reduce the risk of injury. Also, listen to your body at every step. 

Reasons to hire a personal trainer

Here are a few plus points of recruiting a personal trainer in your fitness endeavor.

1. Offers support and motivation

One of the most often cited reasons why some stick with an exercise program more compared to others is social support. If a person does not have the encouragement of important people in his or her life, it can become extremely difficult for the individual to achieve his or her long-term fitness-related goals. A personal trainer can be a valuable support system when things get a bit tough or when you are having trouble sticking to the program. 

Apart from motivating you, a trainer can use his or her expertise and evidence-based practices to modify a program as needed. This will increase your likelihood to achieve success. There may be situations when you may have to suddenly travel for work or have personal issues. Also, at times, you may feel low. During such circumstances, a personal trainer can adjust your program to make sure that you achieve small goals and remain charged up and engaged.

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2. Helps tailor your workout routine

Speaking of expertise, a personal trainer can guide you in managing many variables of an exercise program. You may be unaware of some of these aspects. For example, a trainer can help determine the most appropriate types of exercises based on your goals. Additionally, they can ascertain the suitable intensity, load, volume, rest periods, intervals, frequency, time, sets, and repetitions for you. It might get challenging for you to figure out these factors, as you may not have the proper judgment.

A good personal trainer can provide you with the required structure to balance all these variables while also being aware of the results that you are aiming for

A personal trainer uses his or her knowledge to prioritize safety and effectiveness in your workouts. They can recommend if you need medical clearance to begin exercising or increase the intensity of your current program. They can be an ideal mentor for you through personalized assessments to ensure that you perform safe and appropriate exercises. 

In addition, the trainer can supervise your workouts while being mindful of inappropriate physiological responses to any exercise and signs of cardiovascular challenges. All of this can guarantee immense comfort if you are nervous about getting started.

3. Takes ownership and responsibility

A personal trainer will feel accountable for your results. You are highly motivated when you know that someone else is monitoring and celebrating your progress. Moreover, it is tougher to skip an exercise regime if you know that your trainer will be reviewing your between-session workouts. On a more scientific level, a personal trainer can conduct baseline assessments to help you know where you are placed and then collaborate with you to develop a program that can work as a catalyst in accomplishing your objectives. Such a partnership can be quite empowering!

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4. Adds a fun element to workouts

Finally, fitness has to be exciting if you are expected to stick to it for the long haul. If workouts are a grind and become something you dread, your likelihood of success drops significantly. On the other hand, if you can find a type of movement that you enjoy, it becomes a lot easier to exercise each day. In fact, you may look forward to doing that exercise. A personal trainer can deliver this much-needed fun factor. Be it trying new types of equipment or exercises, playing your favorite music during workouts, making you laugh, keeping you engaged and upbeat, or changing things unexpectedly to keep you on your toes, a personal trainer ensures you have a joyful workout experience. 

So, without any delay, find a reliable personal trainer who can push you to reach new heights of excellence in this wonderful journey called fitness.