read Easy Meal Plans for Busy Runners

Easy Meal Plans for Busy Runners

Easy Meal Plans for Busy Runners

Running is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, a person who is passionate about running and has a corporate job may not find enough time to keep up with the nutritional requirements needed for optimum performance.

Proper nutrition is crucial for runners. A nutritious diet can help prevent fatigue and provide much-needed fuel for your muscles, which are working overtime when you are running. It also helps your body recover and reduces the risk of injury. 

Here is a meal plan consisting of about 2,000 calories that may help busy runners plan their nourishment better. This diet plan offers an adequate amount of carbohydrates (carbs), protein, and fat across various meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with pre-and post-run fueling.

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Recipes of porridge, an ideal breakfast option for runners
Recipe of scrambled eggs, another amazing breakfast alternative for runners
Recipe of fish/chicken pulav, a lunch option for busy runners
Recipe of moong dal khichdi with buttermilk, a lunch option for vegetarian runners
Recipe of chicken pasta, an easy-to-make dinner choice for busy runners
Recipe of paneer tikka wrap, another dinner alternative for busy runners
Recipe of banana oats smoothie, an ideal pre-run fueling item for runners
Recipe of peanut butter toast with banana slices and whey protein, an appropriate post-run fueling meal for runners
Food items that runners should avoid before a run

Having a carb-rich breakfast before a long run can be helpful. Wheat toast or oats with fruits can be good options depending on your preferences. However, if you prefer high-fiber like beans or salads, it is best to avoid eating them before your run as they take longer to digest and may lead to gastrointestinal distress during the run.

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While on a long run, your muscles are put under force, which may cause microtears in the muscle fibers. So, it is helpful to refuel with protein-rich foods or supplements post your run, which will aid in maintaining muscle mass and overall recovery.

Finally, make sure you are well hydrated with water and electrolytes before, during, and after the run. This will help you get the most out of your run and maximize the healing and recovery process.

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