Podcasts Run with Fitpage Ep 82: Running Biomechanics and Strength Training with Mike Young, PhD
Ep 82: Running Biomechanics and Strength Training with Mike Young, PhD

Ep 82: Running Biomechanics and Strength Training with Mike Young, PhD

In this episode of Run with Fitpage, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Young, PhD. Mike is the Director of Performance & Sports Science at Athletic Lab. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of human performance. Young has over 20 years of experience driving elite performance outcomes. Mike has worked as a high-performance director, coach, and applied sports scientist in a wide range of sporting disciplines and environments from professional and collegiate sports teams, national sports governing bodies, and the private sector.

Mike has a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University where he majored in Biomechanics with a minor in Exercise Physiology. He has studied extensively anatomy, physiology, sport psychology, motor learning, training theory, and biomechanics.

Mike is recognized as a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is recognized by USA Weightlifting as a Level 1 and 2 Coach. Additionally, Mike holds Level 1 and Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery certifications from Precision Nutrition. He is also a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, is one of less than 30 USA Track & Field (USATF) Level 3 coaches in the country, and has a USATF Level 2 certification in 3 event areas.

Mike is among the most respected leaders in the field of human performance. He has the unique distinction of being an internationally recognized researcher, coach, and educator. His depth of knowledge and experience in the field of human performance is evidenced by his stays at all three U.S. Olympic Training Centers as an athlete (Lake Placid), sports scientist (Colorado Springs & Chula Vista), and coach (Colorado Springs).

In this episode, Vikas and Mike discuss extensively biomechanics, the science of movement, and using movement as a medicine.

Vikas hosts this weekly podcast and enjoys nerding over-exercise physiology, nutrition, and endurance sport in general.  He aims to get people to get out and ‘move’.  When he is not working, he is found running, almost always.  He can be found on nearly all social media channels but Instagram is preferred:)

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