read How Far Can You Go In 500 Seconds?

How Far Can You Go In 500 Seconds?

How Far Can You Go In 500 Seconds?

Check out your endurance with an exclusive fit500 test!

What is the fit500 test?

The fit500 test is designed to assess your cardiorespiratory fitness. For you to reach your fitness goal, it is critical to understand your current fitness, and the fit500 test does exactly that.  Basis the test result, we design a training plan that is suitable just for you.

How do you do it?

No, we’re not going to paste you onto a bunch of wires and make you run on a treadmill!

All you need to do is download the fitpage app on your phone and take the fit500 test on it.  Your aim should be to cover the maximum possible distance in 500 seconds. At the end of 500 seconds, you will receive your fit500 score and also a free training plan to get you started on your running journey.

The test is not medical advice and is also physically strenuous.  It is recommended to take advice from a physician before starting this test or getting on a training plan.