read How Often Should You Be Practicing Yoga?

How Often Should You Be Practicing Yoga?

How Often Should You Be Practicing Yoga?

Maharishi Patanjali addressed yoga as the continuous effort of bringing one’s attention to the present. Yoga is more a lifestyle you practice every day than a task that you strike off your list.

Yoga becomes a part of your life through the practice of asanas. Hence, there is a limit to how much time you should devote to training your physical body. If you are new to yoga, thrice a week seems ideal. On the other hand, an advanced yogi may practice asanas seven days a week. Whatever your expertise and level of engagement, however, it’s useful to analyze yourself from time to time with the help of the following pointers.

Define your personal goals

Every practice is different. While someone might be a novice, other yogis can be at advanced levels. Whatever your status, you need to reflect on what you hope to achieve out of your yoga practice — whether you are looking to achieve more flexibility, getting into inversions, working on your breathing, or simply to get your sweat on.

Your motivation will help you decide how much time you should dedicate to your practice daily.

Be flexible 

Contrary to popular opinion, the practice of yoga is not just limited to asanas. If you are unable to practice asana for half-an-hour, try to do it for 10 minutes. On days when you cannot manage even that, just sit with your eyes closed and connect with your breath. 

A physical and mental exercise, yoga can be practiced at all times.  So, customize your routine to suit your needs. 

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Be kind to yourself

Don’t beat yourself up for the days you miss practicing asanas. Your body will tell you how much is too much. Yoga is a journey more than a destination. Do not compare your journey with others. If you are a beginner, start slow with maybe 15 minutes a day, and add five minutes to your practice every day. Build upon your yoga practice than starting high and getting demotivated.

Finally, always remember that yoga is an experience. You cannot quantify it with time or it may lose its worth. Being mindful and present in the moment are the only things you need to keep a tab on as you undertake this journey towards holistic health.