read How to Put on Your Bib the Right Way

How to Put on Your Bib the Right Way

How to Put on Your Bib the Right Way

A race bib is one of the most important items that you wear while participating in a running race. It is used to track your running time. The tracker in the bib is recorded by race mats, which are placed at certain distances in the racecourse. So, every time you cross these mats, at each point, the time is recorded. Once the race ends, you get to know your total running time. Typically, you will find a little shiny sticker or something on the back of your marathon race bib called the B-tag that connects with the timing mat on your racecourse. As you run over those timing mats, the bib connects with the mat and the data is saved as proof that you were there. Additionally, it maps if you have run the entire course. It acts as evidence that you have crossed the line. 

Now that you have understood the importance of the bib, you may think to simply pin it. However, you need to follow a technique and remember a few key points to put on your running race bib correctly.

Picking up your bib and race packet

It all starts with what some call packet pick-up. Usually, before the race, you need to confirm your presence at a small meeting area. You may pick up your race materials from there on the morning of the race. However, if you have the facility to pick up the materials a day before the race, then do the needful. By picking up the materials in advance, you’d be prepared in advance and need only to show up for the race on the next day. 

Most packet pick-ups are simple. For example, some packet pick-ups require you to arrive with an identification card/ identity proof. Also, some race authorities may permit you to only pick up your bib. Conversely, other race organizers may allow you to pick up the packets for all your friends, and they may not check any identification card. The race director will send you the information regarding the venue from where you can collect your bib along with any additional instructions. Once you have read through the packet pick-up instructions, which may also have the timings, plan to reach the location on time before the pick-up event ends.  

Before the race: Care for your bib

After picking up your custom running bib, you will need to look after it until race day. Do keep in mind that you cannot bend, fold, or break that little sticker on the back of your bib to ensure its smooth functioning. Certainly, you will not want to wear a bib that does not work properly. So, once you have it in your possession, keep it safe. Ensure that it is away from any metal that might distort its signals.  

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Day of the race: Pinning on your bib

You may want to know where a running bib should be placed. Most races require you to wear your bib on the front of your t-shirt or clothing. This is how they can track you at a glance. By wearing the custom race bib in the front area, the race authorities are assured that you are a registered runner, and they can easily identify you. So, be sure to read through your race instructions and find out where you need to place your bib

Pinning on the bib 

You may be wondering how to put on your race bib. It can be hard to pin your bib onto your t-shirt once you have worn it. It may appear uneven, or more to one side of the t-shirt when you try to pin it in the middle. You may ask a friend who has come to cheer for you to help you pin your bib. If you decide to pin the bib on your own, you have two options: 

1. Pin on the bib as you are wearing your t-shirt and roll with it. Make sure you use all four pins, as there is no guarantee that two-three pins will keep your bib intact for the entire race.

2. Pin your bib onto your t-shirt while you are not wearing it. Lay your t-shirt flat and set the bib down where you would like to pin it on. Be sure to only pin through the first layer of the t-shirt so that you can wear it accordingly. 

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Can you attach your bib to alternate clothing or footwear? 

Possibly, you may want to pin your bib somewhere else instead of the front of your t-shirt. It is because the t-shirt’s backside has more room, and you may not get distracted by the bib while racing. While this is true, do note that most of the race authorities ask you to wear your bib on the front of your shirt. Some authorities may let you pin the bib in the front part of your shorts. However, most of the race organizers will not permit you to run a race with the bib on your back. It is because this style of wearing a bib makes you less identifiable as a registered runner, which could lead to disqualification. So, be cautious about where you are pinning your bib. Make sure that the bib number for the race is visible. 

Should you choose alternate securing methods?

You may be curious to know about any other way to pin your bib apart from safety pins. Well, you may get creative and consider other ways, such as duct tape, scotch tape, and glue. However, it is advisable to avoid these ideas and use a safety pin. Adhesives of all kinds tend to break down due to sweat and a lot of movement. Your race bib could fall off while you are running, and you may not notice it. So, play safe and stick to safety pins. 

Wearing your bib properly is as essential as acing your race. It helps identify you as a registered participant and ensures a successful running experience.