watch Different Types of Stretches for Runners

Different Types of Stretches for Runners

In any kind of sport, stretching is an imperative component. Stretching is a form of exercise in which a specific muscle or a muscle group is deliberately stretched in order to improve flexibility and range of motion. It is said to improve performance, enhance recovery and prevent the risk of injuries. In fact, any type of functional movement pattern requires multiple joints to move in wide ranges. Having good levels of mobility will allow pain-free movement and hence the target muscles can be recruited with ease. Hence, it becomes important to follow a multi-strategy approach to improve mobility and range of motion at different joints. But when is the best time to stretch? Before or after your run? And what type of stretches should you perform? In this video, running coach Anubhav Karmakar explains the different types of stretches, their importance and when to perform them to make the most out of running sessions.