watch Meditation for Stress Relief: Introduction

Meditation for Stress Relief: Introduction

Manage Your Stress with This Meditation Module by Fitpage.

We aspire to be stress-free. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it has lately been more difficult to keep calm, given the current scenario. However, it is something that can be worked upon and that is what we bring to you through this module.

We have created a comprehensive, guided meditation course that can be completed in a 10-day period. You can save this and keep repeating the module. Regular practice will help you get better at meditating and at managing your stress levels.

Guidelines to use the modules

  1. Each module is for the duration of 10 minutes
  2. Find a time that works for you every day. However, you can follow this at any time during the day
  3. Find a quiet place to sit down where you can focus
  4. Play the relevant modules
  5. Keep the web link saved for the next day

We hope you enjoy this module!